To QUALIFIED CANDIDATES, W.M. Jackson & Co., Inc. is offering to visit your location and conduct a seminar outlining the philosophy and mechanics of a Jackson Gainsharing tool for your company, AT NO COST TO YOU!! This free on-site custom seminar will enable you and other key managers, executives and/or decision makers to:

  • Understand the culture and commitment necessary to realize gainsharing success.
  • Learn how the productivity gains (not profits) are shared by stockholders and employees.
  • See firsthand the potential financial benefits to your organization.
  • Get a feel for the basic mechanics of gainsharing. You will be amazed at its efficient simplicity.
  • Gain the knowledge to make an informed decision if Jackson Gainsharing is the tool that your team will use.

None! We want to assist qualified organizations in the use of a Jackson Gainsharing tool to improve their profitability.

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