"We saw a difference right away. People got away from individualism and started to think as a group, as a team. Profitability of the company was also enhanced."
–Ed Brooks

"A few years ago, managers made all the decisions and came up with the improvement ideas. With gainsharing, our employees are taking over responsibility for improvement in operations. That frees up managers to focus on the future."
–Joe Gaultieri

"I found the opportunity and counsel to talk with and receive advice from the W. M. Jackson & Co. to be reassuring during a time when we certainly had second thoughts about whether or not we had embarked on the right path. I have recommended the Jackson Co. to other companies and I believe in their program. I also believe that the plan they helped us to design and implement was very instrumental in making us a far more successful company than what we were when we first met with them. We are dedicated to the program and it is something we talk about with a great deal of pride. Our employees value both the plan and its rewards as well."
–Robert Oswald

"We have been able to utilize the Jackson Gainsharing Plan in virtually all our planning areas and day-to-day operations. With everyone on the same team, we can accomplish goals otherwise unattainable."
–Fritz Aichele

"Without question, the best thing we have done in our 28 years of being in business has been the implementation of the Jackson Gainsharing Plan. Its benefit to our employees, their attitude and work effort as well as the benefit to our company, has truly been remarkable."
–Edgar W. Wirth

"Gainsharing is a powerful, persuasive and positive stimulant within an organization. Properly administered, it will improve quality, production and teamwork, problem solving, communication - nearly all aspects of a business. It will ease the implementation of new programs from TQM to ISO-9000."
–Charles Tellas

"The Jackson Gainsharing Plan was light years ahead of the changes in the American work culture. It is a simple concept of reworking your team to make something productive and measurable happen with no phoney numbers."
–Edward Rogan,II

"Our gainsharing plan has probably been one of the most major culture changing projects that we have undertaken. I don’t think you would find one person on our payroll that would say that we should go back to ‘the way it was’."
–Gary Cooper

"There is no doubt the Jackson Gainsharing Plan is one of the most significant changes we’ve made in our company’s history. As a company which started out in 1848 building wagons, we know a lot about change. Our Jackson Gainsharing Plan is now the focus on how we manage the company. It allows all employees to have a common interest and goals to work toward. Our Jackson Gainsharing Plan is a major factor in why productivity, quality, customer and delivery dates have improved. With these improvements employee payouts have increased along with the company’s financial performance. Now with Jackson Gainsharing, we are finding it easier to move onto a team environment since there is an answer to the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Today, we cannot envision operating without Jackson Gainsharing and wonder how we ever did without a Jackson Gainsharing Plan."
–Jim Rubottom

"We view Jackson Gainsharing as much more than a means of keeping score on productivity, but rather see it as the keystone to the way we run our business. It provides us the opportunity to share information, solicit input, to praise, to point out problems, and most importantly, to set a goal and to keep track of the progress in attaining that goal. It involves people in the process, rather than making them aware of the process by which we run our business."
–Dennis L. Merrey

"Jackson Gainsharing is without question the best idea that we have implemented in the last 15 years. Gainsharing has enabled us to grow our business by keeping all of our associates involved and working on a united team!"
–Bill Dahm

"As you know, we have made financial improvements at both companies. But more important than that, attitudes and teamwork continue to improve. Everyone agrees that it is a positive trend that can only continue to improve. There is no doubt we made the right decision when we asked (W. M. Jackson & Co., Inc.) to help us implement gainsharing. Your experience and expertise undoubtedly made the program a success. We simply couldn’t have done it ourselves."
–Samuel S. Pratt

"The gainsharing plan designed by Bill Jackson of Jackson Gainsharing is successful because it is simple, easy for everyone to understand, logical, motivating, while promoting teamwork and team rewards."
–George Jackoboice

"We’ve done extremely well over the last 400 weeks. Gainsharing has worked because it is straightforward and based on real performance. There is no smoke and no mirrors."
–Tom Jackoboice

"When we originally hired W. M. Jackson & Co., Inc., they brought us through some troubled times. They are real pros and they helped make our gainsharing plan a success. Without them, I’m not sure it would have been. We made the right decision in hiring them and we would do it again."
–Don Vaughan